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Bundle GSM7224- with 2 free moduls AGM731F (1000SX LC fiber SFP )


NETGEAR Prosafe Lifetime Warranty

NETGEAR Lifetime Tech Support

NETGEAR NBD 3-year on-site service

The NETGEARŸ ProSafeŸ “Intelligent Edge” Gigabit L2+ Managed Switch consists of 24 ports Gigabit, and 4 ports dual-speed SFP with fiber connectivity. Intelligent Edge series deliver a secure and flexible access layer in campus environments, warehouses and commercial buildings for convergence.

Garancija: 60 mesecev

Dimenzije (š/d/v): 502 / 122 / 382 mm

Teža: 3,35 kg


Cena z DDV: 569,23 EUR

EAN KODA: 606449084597

Intelligent Edge

Combining superior resiliency and advanced security, GSM7224 provides comprehensive Layer 2 and Lite Layer 3 switching, including 32 routing interfaces and 32 static routes.

Future-Proof Networking

Advanced Policy actions and Advanced Security enforcements work in concert to create a future-proof networking infrastructure:

Flow-based mirroring and redirection Counting/logging of ACL policy IP Source Guard DHCP Snooping Dynamic ARP Inspection RADIUS/802.1x based client policy assignment Unified Communications – Voice over IP

The NETGEAR ProSafe “Intelligent Edge” simplifies converged data deployments with state-of-the-art capabilities such as CoS Layer 2 prioritization. DiffServ Layer 3 & 4 policies allow for TCP/UDP granularity. LLDP-MED (Media Endpoint Discovery) automatically configures IP phones QoS and VLAN settings.

Unified Communications – Video Streams

IGMP filtering and querier ensure multicast streams are only delivered to interested receivers, preventing flooding even without a dedicated multicast router.

Outstanding Value

With its high-value price point, industry-standard command line interface (CLI) and single-pane-of-glass NMS200 management platform (mass-configuration support), NETGEAR ProSafe “Intelligent Edge” yields a high return on investment. GSM7224 is backed by the NETGEAR ProSafe Lifetime Hardware Warranty+, ProSupport Lifetime 24x7 Advanced Technical Support*, and 3-Year Next Business Day Onsite Hardware Replacement.**

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